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Masmak Fortress

The historical palace displays live photos of the story of the kingdom unification including the battle of regaining Riyadh represented in bin Jiluwi’s tip of spear remains on the gate of Al Masmak Fortress. Prince Fahad bin Jiluwi was among the army of King Abdul Aziz in the 1902 battle when he threw his spear meaning to aim at Ajlan bin Rashid. He missed his aim and the tip of the spear settled in the gate making a deep crack that is a witness to the heroic story of one of the main King’s servants.

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Masmak Fortress tour

The magnificent Masmak Fortress stands erected gracefully in the middle of Riyadh city as a tourist destination having silently witnessed great events in the history of KSA foundation.

The palace was constructed in the hijri 14th century during the reign of Imam Abdullah bin Faisal as his residence and the center of power and money. The palace is a strong fort against enemies with its solid high walls. It has only two entrances and small openings in the walls for gun barrels at the time of battles. Today, the palace stands as a symbol of the history of regaining power and rule of the country displaying in its corridors the features of that era and its leaders after it had been turned into a museum in 1995/1416.

The Arabic word Al Masmak means a strong thick building that had been once used as a depot for weapons and ammunitions until it was turned into a historic milestone then a museum.

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