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9 nights

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Breakfast included the whole trip ,2 Lunches and 2 Dinners

Havana - Trinidad - Cienfuegos - Vinales

Max 12 people

It's highly recommended to bring a backpack

Essential Cuba - Adventure Tours Cuba

Throw yourself head first into the feisty spirit of Cuba! The city streets of Trinidad and Havana buzz with music, dance, and art, especially by night. The colonial past has greatly shaped this beautiful island, but from this mixed history it’s formed its own unique character that’s one of the reasons the country is so famous. Best option for Cuba adventure tours. With icons from Cuban cigars to classic cars, Che Guevara to the white sand of the Caribbean coastline, this is your chance to discover the curious juxtaposition of old world charm and spirited independence that is Cuba. Now you can book adventure tours Cuba without any problem. One of the best option for Cuba adventure tours.

• Hop in a classic car and cruise the neighbourhoods of Havana.

• Stand beneath the huge bronze statue of Che Guevara and visit his final resting place.

• Hike through stunning scenery to a beautiful mountain waterfall.

• Lose yourself in the unique and vibrant spirit of Cuba’s city streets.

• Relax in an open air restaurant surrounded by the vibrant music and culture of Trinidad’s nightlife.

• Wander the hallways of the impressive private mansion Palacio del Valle.

• Snorkel off the white sand Caribbean coast in the Bay of Pigs.

• Watch the sun setting over the gorgeous rural Viñales Valley.

• Learn about growing tobacco for world famous Cuban cigars.

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Day 1

Today you’ll arrive in Havana with the chance to meet your tour guide and the others joining us on the tour at 7pm at the La Gargola Guesthouse in Old Havana, with the option to head off on a group dinner and start to get to know your travel companions and see a little of Havana. But don’t worry if you don’t see much - we’re returning to Havana at the end of the tour!

If you arrive early, the friendly staff members of La Gargola speak English and can help you with information and give you suggestions on things to see in Havana. Many participants do arrive later, so there are no activities planned for the day. If you’ve arranged extra nights of accommodation in the Guesthouses with us before the tour, or are already in Havana for some other reason, we can arrange for your included airport arrival transfer to take you directly to your guesthouse.

Day 2

This morning we’ll head off in a private tour bus across the island of Cuba to the Caribbean coast and the vibrant city of Trinidad. This beautiful city has earned itself classification as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is filled with culture and music - and surrounded by the Escambray mountains and the stunning white sands of its beaches.

On the way we’ll stop in Santa Clara and visit the Che Guevara Museum and Mausoleum. Che Guevara, an immensely important figure in the Cuban Revolution and Cuban history, has become an iconic figure in popular culture, but he remains extremely controversial in Latin America. His remains were found in Bolivia and brought to rest in the mausoleum in Santa Clara in 1990. A huge bronze statue of El Che and an eternal flame stand testimony to him, and many of his personal items are exhibited in the Museum.

After some time here we’ll continue on to Trinidad, arriving in its beautiful colonial buildings and cobblestone streets. We’ll be staying at a guesthouse near the central Plaza Mayor for the next two days, right in the busy, bustling colonial heart of the city.

Day 3

Today we’re exploring one of Cuba’s most exciting cities. The colonial style has been preserved very well, and the small and compact size of the center means all its attractions can be visited on foot. As an establishing city Trinidad’s wealth grew through sugar production using African slave labour in the 18th and 19th centuries, it’s maintained that original architectural character and a new rich culture has grown in its streets.

Your guide while you’re will take you to one of our favourite excursion is a 3 hour return hike to a beautiful waterfall in the nearby mountains ! However, if you’re more in the mood for wandering the streets, visiting museums, and seeking out the best bars and local musicians.

If you thought Trinidad was vibrant in the day, just wait until the sun gets low on the horizon. The city is known for its nightlife, and you’ll find open air restaurants, bars, live music, and dance shows all through the streets. You're welcome to join your guide and the rest of the group to explore the city at night, but of course you’re welcome to explore on your own.

Day 4

Today we’ll head along the coast to the very different city of Cienfuegos. We’ll spend the day exploring this elegant city. Much more modern-looking than Trinidad’s old world charm, Cienfuegos was settled by the French who had a strong influence on the layout of the city. It has an expansive main square and a very pretty boulevard that runs from the city centre, along the edge of the bay, all the way to the end of the peninsula.

It's here at the end of the peninsula that we’ll find the Palacio del Valle. This privately built mansion was constructed by a wealthy businessman and merchant. The architecture of the building is a mixture of styles, but what is clear is that a great deal of expense and effort went into its construction and decoration. The result is nothing short of spectacular.

Day 5

Today’s we’ll follow the stunning Caribbean coastline before turning inland to Viñales. On the way we’ll stop at the Bay of Pigs at an excellent site for snorkelling, which you can do straight off the shore. Snorkelling gear will be available for hire at low cost. If you’re not interested in a dip, you can walk along the beach or sit in the shade of a sea grape tree and enjoy the rather gorgeous scenery.

Next we’ll head back inland through La Cienega de Zapata, a densely forested swamp land area. This will be our longest travel day so you might want to take a siesta on our comfortable bus as we drive along this flat, central part of the island.

When we arrive in Viñales you’ll immediately understand why it’s considered one of Cuba's most picturesque areas. The Valley of Viñales is surrounded by steep limestone hills, and the floor of the valley is dotted with farms and rural buildings, earning it a UNESCO classification. In this area the farmers use traditional methods, like oxen or hand ploughing, to till the earth. The main crops are corn, local root vegetables - such as yuca, boniato, and malanga - and, most famously, some of Cuba's best tobacco. Don’t worry - there’s a whole day tomorrow to explore this incredible area!

Day 6

After breakfast, our morning will kick off with a walk through the Viñales Valley, one of the most highly rated by our travellers. The walk will take us through the UNESCO area of the valley where we’ll see the different farming activities that take place. We'll get to meet some locals as we visit a few farm houses, including a tobacco farmer who will explain the process of producing tobacco for Cuba's world renowned cigars.

In the evening we’ll visit an outstanding organic farm with a spectacular view of the valley. From this high vantage point we’ll watch the sun sink over the valley, then enjoy a delicious fresh dinner in a farmhouse.

Day 7

Back to Havana! We’ll return to Cuba’s capital for 2 nights in our comfortable guest houses in Old Havana, La Gargola and Casa D. Osbe.

With a mixed and colorful history like Havana’s, it’s not surprising that this is one of the world’s most interesting cities to visit. Much of the streets look like they’re in the 1950s and although restoration of the oldest buildings has been going on for over a decade, other buildings are still neglected and slowly falling into decay. The juxtaposition of decay and restoration gives a unique character to the city, only reinforced by the very vibrant culture that lives and breathes in these streets.

In the afternoon we’ll take take a tour in some classic American cars and explore some of the city's other neighbourhoods. Central Habana, Vedado, and Miramar have their own distinct characteristics, and what better way to see them than from one of the icons of Cuba’s streets?  It’s due to import restrictions placed by the US that Cuba has so many old and enviable classic cars - a little ironic, perhaps. As we travel, we’ll go through Revolution Square, the backdrop for many of Fidel Castro’s speeches and location of huge images of Cuba’s revolutionary heroes Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos

Day 8

Today we’ll set off on a walking tour of Old Havana. We’ll see the main attractions, but also discover some of the guide’s favourite hidden corners. There’s a lot to see and it can’t all be covered in just half a day, but your guide will give you some advice on places you could visit tomorrow or on any extra days you plan to spend here after the tour.

Tonight is our final evening as a group, and the guide will propose a few different dining options, as well as great spots for live music, dance, and drinking. As always, you’re also welcome to explore on your own.

Day 9

Today we’ll say farewell as a group. You’re welcome to depart any time, although the guide will be around and available until midday. If you want to stay any extra time in Havana we may be able to help you arrange this - just let us know in advance.

Price from$2,100.00pp


Price from$2,100.00pp