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7 nights

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Max 14 people

It's highly recommended to bring a backpack.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Adventure Travel

Are you planning Bosnia and Herzegovina Adventure Travel? Bosnia and Herzegovina’s beautiful landscape and complex history, both ancient and in living memory, have shaped a fascinating country experienced best by the adventurous traveler. Bosnia is the best place for tourism. Bosnia adventure tour is one of the best choices for small groups. This beautiful area in the Balkans features some incredible waterfalls, rivers, forests, and barren area, and is home to some very welcoming people. The delicious local food, a blend of East and West with influences from across the Balkans and the Middle East, also makes it a destination for those with a culinary curiosity. Discover large cities with impressive architecture, quiet traditional villages, and the contrasts of an inland Balkan landscape. Get more details about Bosnia and Herzegovina itinerary, Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel advice, adventure group tours, Bosnia adventure tour, Bosnia group tours and much more. Bosnia is the best place for tourism.  We can offer you Bosnia adventure tours at very reasonable prices. 

• Explore the shops and stalls of Sarajevo’s Bascarsija bazaar.

• Learn about the Siege of Sarajevo during the Balkan Wars and gain an understanding of the city by visiting important sites from the siege.

• Sample local style foods, from the savory Bosnian burek to the sweet Turkish delight.

• Visit the traditional village of Lukomir sitting at high altitude in the mountains.

• Swim in the Lakes of Pliva and its beautiful cascades.

• Bosnia adventure tour is one of the best choices for small groups.

• Hike through the forests of Una National Park towards a monumental waterfall.

• Eat regional specialties prepared by a local family.

• Bosnia is the best place for tourism. 

• Walk across the iconic Stari Most bridge in Herzegovina’s town of Mostar.

• Raft along the beautiful Neretva river.

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Day 1

When you ready for Bosnia adventure tour we’ll pick you up from your arrival point (whether it’s the airport, or a bus or train station) and transfer you to your hotel, and then we’re good to go! The afternoon will be set aside for a walking tour of Sarajevo, where we’ll learn and see the most important stories of this incredible city from its early stages through to the present.

After this, we’ll have lunch or dinner (depending on your time of arrival) and we’ll be sampling true Bosnian food, and the best there is! Traveling through new places without trying the best of local food makes no sense, and Bosnia and Herzegovina have a lot to offer - so this whole tour is truly devoted to ensuring that you’ll have the chance to try some of the best local dishes as we travel around! bosnia group tours can be a better choice. 

Day 2

Your second day in Sarajevo is a chance to learn about the important but turbulent recent history, which is crucial to really understanding the city and the people who live here. We’ll take the Sarajevo Total Siege tour and story related to Siege of Sarajevo from 1992 until 1995. On the tour, we’ll have the opportunity to see many sites directly connected to the Siege of Sarajevo, including the War Tunnel Museum, Trebević Mountain, and Sarajevo Bobsleigh.

It can be an affecting experience, so in the afternoon you’ll have free time to explore Sarajevo on your own. It’s worth visiting the Bascarsija, Sarajevo’s old bazaar and market with the famous Sebilj Brunnen fountain in the square. Market stalls and shops sell a range of different souvenirs and local items, including many different street foods and treats of Bosnian and Turkish origins.

Day 3

Today we’ll visit the highest village in the whole region of the Balkans. Nestled on Bjelašnica mountain in Rakitnica canyon at an altitude of 1,495 meters, Lukomir still holds to old nomad customs in this region and it’s a chance for us to learn about traditional life. You have the option to hike up on a guided tour, enjoying spectacular views and an incredible landscape, or to van safari tour if you’re not in the mood for the long walk up. A local and delicious lunch will be organized in the village.

Day 4

Today we’ll have a full itinerary, so we prefer to leave early from Sarajevo at around 8.00 am to make the most of the day. Our first stop will be Travnik, a vizier’s town from Ottoman times (and birthplace of Ivo Andrić winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1961). In Travnik you’ll see the stunning Plava Voda spring, and an impressive old Ottoman fortress.

We’ll also head to the Jajce, residence of Bosnian Kings. This is one of the few cities in the world with a natural waterfall right in the heart of the city center. We’ll also see the old mills and the beautiful Lakes of Pliva, where we’ll stop to have lunch. In the summertime you might like to swim at the lakes and its cascades.

Our day will finish with a trip to Bihać, a photogenic little town with beautiful streets and buildings - though it also had its experiences during the Balkan wars. We’ll take a short walking tour then head to our hotel.

Day 5

The first part of today will be spent exploring the beautiful Una National Park, an ecologically protected area with some incredible hiking in the forest and, of course, the impressive Štrbački Buk waterfall. Our lunch will be with one of the local families, and it’s a great opportunity to sample one of the local specialties - Bosnian-style roasted lamb. After lunch we’ll visit another beautiful waterfall at Martin Brod and stop by at a few other locations before we head towards Mostar. 

Day 6

In the morning we’ll start our exploration of the Herzegovina region by wandering in the streets of Mostar, including taking a walk across the Stari Most, the iconic bridge that links the two banks of the city together over the Neretva river. The original Ottoman bridge was destroyed on in 1993 during the Croat-Bosniak War and was rebuilt and opened in 2004. It’s considered a prime example of Balkan Islam architecture. Next we’ll visit the Kravice Waterfalls, where during summer is an excellent place to have a swim and cool off.

Day 7

After an early departure from Mostar, we’ll continue exploring Herzegovina. Our first short stop will be in Jablanica, where we’ll learn about the famous World War 2 Neretva Battle and see the beautiful Jablaničko Lake. Next we’ll travel on to Konjic with its stunning Old Stone Bridge that shadows the Neretva river and explore the old town.

For the second part of the day you’ll have two options, depending on the season.

  • Option A: Visit Tito’s Bunker and raft along the Neretva river. With mountains and forest on either side of this river, this is a great opportunity to really experience the landscape!
  • Option B: Visit to Tito’s Bunker and do the Visočica Mountain Safari, visiting the glacier regions of the Boračko Lake and the upper Neretva river canyon with local villages and Stećci necropolises.

Regardless of which option you take, we should arrive to Sarajevo around 18.00 pm so you’ll have enough time to relax and maybe squeeze in some last minute shopping before we finish the next day.

Day 8

This is the final day of the tour. You’ll have some free time to farewell Sarajevo before we take you to your airport and wish you a good journey home (or to your next destination).

Price from$2,000.00pp


Price from$2,000.00pp