Abdullah Ashgan

Founder of the travel experienced business after traveling and navigating the world for 15 years. Abdullah has travelled over 80 destinations specializing in adventures and exploration driven journeys such as North Korea , Central Asia and Central American. His experience throughout the past 15 years made him realize the importance of creating interesting packaged tours and Itineraries in the Middle East and specially his home country Saudi.

He believes Saudi has a lot to offer in terms of culture and local experiences in addition to its unique landscape. As a closed country till recently , Abdullah and his team started traveling around Saudi looking for the locations that can make the journey different than what others may offer.

Sara Omar

Sara Omar she is from Saudi Arabia born in Makkah a mother of 2 children and a travel enthusiast. During the last 7 years she travelled to over 70 countries and still counting. What

she admires the most is the true value of travel and what comes from it which is building a network of friends and being a true passionate about the human aspect of friendship

Sara through her vast knowledge in Travel and unique way of engagement with the local communities has managed to some degree to display some of these nice moments through her social media network

As a Saudi entrepreneur she managed to represent the Saudi Female participation in representing her country and being an ambassador to present the true picture of Saudi Women. She is one of the founder of the highly successfully brand “El Makkan “ which is basically the outbound travel organizer for small youth groups who are from the Middle East focusing on traveling to lessor known destinations that provide high value aspect of travel and focusing on local communities and volunteerism. In 2019 , Sara managed and operated over 24 small group tours in 12 different destinations and still growing its base

Finally Sara participated in the highly acclaimed Travel TV show with the largest media group “MBC” where they did two season of high quality travel show in 20 different episodes. Each episode has three unique segments starting from Adventure, Food, Culture and Volunteer. The show was a success and renewed for the second season in 2019/2020.