Central and South America boast stunning beaches, fascinating jungles, traces of ancient civilizations, and friendly welcoming people. There’s plenty for the adventurer to uncover and also a chance to enjoy the unique satisfaction of helping while you travel.

DYK/Fascinating Facts

  • Central America is a strip of land connecting the two huge land masses of North and South America, with just 7 countries (524 thousand km square). The much larger South America (17.8million km square) has 12, Brazil being the largest.
  • At 979 meters high, the waters of Venezuela's Angel Falls plunges down for 870 meters uninterrupted - a world record. Probably just a little too high for white water rafting.
  • The largest natural rainforest in the world is the Amazon. It’s 5.5 million km square cover 40% of South America. It produces about 20% of the world’s oxygen and is home to about 10 million different animal and plant species.
  • The Yucatan is full of cenotes, naturally-formed sinkholes in limestone that have exposed the groundwater beneath. With so few rivers and lakes these were sacred places to the Mayan people. As such, valuable items and sacrificial objects were often thrown in - in some cases, people…
  • There are 140 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in South and Central America and the Caribbean, including Machu Picchu in Peru, the Ancient Maya City in Campeche, and Easter Island’s Rapa Nui National Park.
  • The most common indigenous language traces back to the Incas. It’s called Quechua and has 46 different dialects spoken in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, and Chile.
  • Cuba has the world’s highest doctor-to-patient ratio. They have enough to spare - sometimes they send their doctors abroad to countries in need of medical professionals.

Experience Central & South America with 88 D

  • Swim in the Mexico’s incredible cenotes, natural limestone sinkholes filled with water. Dive deep into the sparkling blue water and gaze up at the cliff edges around you.
  • Spend your time volunteering and exploring in Peru. Spend a few hours a day helping a local family with their development projects, then discover Peru, including a hike to the incredible Machu Picchu ruins.
  • Tie back your hair, put on your sunglasses, and enjoy a classic car tour through the streets of Cuba.

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