Ah Europe. Famous for its culture as well as breathtaking beauty, it’s a continent carved as much by history as nature. With so many countries and such varied landscapes, it has amazing things to offer both adventuring adrenaline junkies and those who’re looking to discover Europe’s charms at a more relaxed pace.

A bit about Europe/ DYK/Fascinating Facts

  • If you want to be technical, Europe isn’t a continent. In 420 BC the Greeks put it on record that Europe was a separate land from Asia with the River Phasis (today the Rioni river in Western Georgia) as its border. Of its 50 countries today there are still 5 that straddle Europe and Asia.
  • Europe’s land area is 10.18 km square, making it the second smallest continent in the world (ok, we’re pretending it is one again) but it’s third in terms of population and has the largest country in the world, Russia, and the smallest, the Vatican State.
  • The history and culture of Europe goes back to at least 30,000 BC, the approximate date of the famous cave paintings in Chauvet, France.
  • Barcelona’s Sagrada de Familia has already taken longer to build than the pyramids in Egypt. It was started in 1882 and probably won’t be finished any time soon.
  • The largest colony of ants in the world was found stretching from the Atlantic coast in Spain to northern Italy. That’s 6,000 kms, and you don’t even want to know how many ants.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina has one of the last rainforests in Europe - Perucica. To help conservation, it can only be explored in the company of park rangers.
  • Most of Italy’s island of Sicily is hilly or mountainous - or volcano-ous (volcano-ey?), including Etna which last erupted in 2015. Still, 5 million people still live there happily. The food must be good.

Experience Europe with 88 D.

  • Circumnavigate the pristine clear waters of Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes (and a few stunning waterfalls to boot). The national park has 16 lakes to explore, and the area is surrounded by gorgeous forest.
  • See the iconic Stari Most bridge that joins the Christian and Muslim sides of the town of Mostar, a beautiful piece of architecture that plays a symbolic role in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s turbulent history.
  • Pitch a tent beside Slovenia’s Mreznica river - the perfect way to immerse yourself in Slovenia’s natural beauty. Literally, if you like swimming.
  • Learn about the impact the 1986 explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant had on the local people and the nuclear industry on a guided day tour in the Ukraine.
  • Visit Sicily’s Mount Etna, an active stratovolcano (don’t know what that is? We’ll give you the lowdown). And while you’re here, enjoy the warmth of Italian culture and climate.
  • Put on your lifejackets and raft through the Balkans on Montenegro’s stunning Tara river. You’ll see some incredible landscapes and experience a little white water on the way

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