Take a deep breath and let your senses wake. If you are plaining for Asia adventure tour keep inn mind Asia is variety and contrast, from traditional rural villages to futuristic megapolis, wild snow-capped mountains to perfectly manicured gardens, seasoned with incredible flavor and cuisines. Get involved with the locals, discover the culture, learn, share experiences and enjoy adventure travel to Asia. We offer Asia adventure tours for singles and small groups. 

A bit about Asia/DYK/Fascinating Facts

  • At 4.58 million km square (30% of the world’s total land area), Asia is the world’s biggest continent. Its population of over 4 billion is also greater than all the other continents combined. We offer Asia adventure tours for singles and small groups. 
  • Asia has its highs and its lows - Everest and the Dead Sea, the highest and lowest points on land, are both found in this continent.
  • The continent boasts some amazing animals. The tiger, giant panda, orangutans, Asian elephant, Indian rhinoceros, king cobra, and komodo dragon are all natives of Asia.
  • It’s illegal to be fat in Japan. Maybe that’s one reason over 50,000 Japanese people have reached the age of 100 years.
  • The majestic Mekong flows 4,350 kilometers from China to Vietnam and is home to the very endangered Irrawaddy dolphin which lives in fresh and saltwater, normally found around estuaries and river mouths. Now you can enjoy adventure travel to Asia, we offer Asia adventure tours for singles and small groups.
  • Tinder not working out? Try lizards. In Cambodia, they say the number of times a gecko chirps indicates who you’ll marry.

Experience Asia Adventure Tours with 88 Destinations

  • Get a first hand experience of one of Japan’s most iconic customs - the geisha - and learn about the real history, aesthetics, and cultural nuances that lie behind it.
  • Visit a local Japanese school and see why Japan has such a highly ranked school system. We offer Asia adventure tours for singles and small groups.
  • Teach English to local children in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Still recovering from its brutal recent history, this is an amazing chance to share your knowledge and help provide for a future of opportunity for young people while you also get to discover an authentic side of this country.

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