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We are a licensed tour operators founded by Saudi travelers who travelled over 100 countries combined. This means we know what you are looking for during your travel and what you want to see. We created the itineraries a little bit different than most of what you will find, as we focus on the people and culture aspects , which is the ultimate strength of what Saudi can really offer.
88 Destinations  is a licensed in-bound tour operator and DMC based in Jeddah Saudi Arabia which is part of the  brand group name EL Makkan for Travel and Tours .

Founded in 2017 to specialize in unique travel experiences that are driven by People and Culture. Focusing on the DMC servicing and ground operation is one of our key service that we specialize by partnering with international travel brands to be its local operator in Saudi Arabia handling all logistics.




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Why 88 Destinations?


We get this question a lot ! why 88 and what is about ?
88 Destinations is a the total number of experiences that we believe is enough for any travelers to witness the unique aspects of the Middle East. We believe that although they are way more places and sights can be seen in the Middle East , yet there are 88 destinations of them that will leave a long lasting memory due to its unique landscapes, local value , deep culture roots , UNESCO sites and Hidden Gems.
Be ready for our Saudi Arabia tours !

What We Do?

We do our Saudi Arabia tours focused on People and Culture which means most of tours are focused on these areas. Why ? because we believe both combination can serve our goals.

  1. Authentic Travel Experience 
  2. Social Responsibility Tourism 
Therefore in each angle of our tour we will focus in providing “ Comfort Style” which is a budget friendly yet effective in providing quality into our tours 
Comfort travel’ means encountering all that the real world has to offer, but with an added degree of, well… comfort. We use more private transport, the travel pace more relaxed, the accommodation a touch nicer and locally owned . You’ll be treated to more included meals, more leader-led activities and get a greater immersion in all things local. No hidden costs or surprises , we make it clear and take care of the details for your hassle free tour.
  • Comfort in your accommodation
- Comfortable hotels with private amenities and often plenty of local character.
- Some itineraries feature homestays or unique accommodation.

  • Inclusion and The Right Balance
- Balance between free time to explore at your own pace and included activities that help you experience things you may not discover on your own.
- Some meals are included along the way.
- Experienced leader, local to the region.

  • Transport
- Half the fun of travel is the traveling itself.
- Primarily uses private transport.
- Local transport is occasionally used when it adds to the experience, like hopping on the back of a camel in the Sahara.
- Local flights are included to save time and hassle when it’s needed.

Why Saudi Arabia ?

 Saudi Arabia is perhaps the most well known and yet one of the least traveled to countries in the world, for leisure that is.  The country plays host to millions of visitors each year, mainly for Islamic rites of hajj or umrah, so they are used to large numbers of travelers. In fact they receive the most per year if we compare with other well known Middle Eastern destinations.

Nearly everyone, to some extent, has an impression of Saudi Arabia, from their oil, as the birthplace of Islam. Surprisingly and in a very short time say from 2018 , the country started to reinvest in its tourist attraction strength which are mainly its authentic experiences given its closed boundaries to most outsiders during the past. This means historical sites as big as the one in Jordan valley that is Al Ula then the old town in Jeddah where is and was the hub for many traders and Hajj pilgrimage used as their base for Makkah. The impressive palm oasis in Eastern Province , the untouched virgin coastlines in the red sea as impressive as the ones found next door in Egypt. Then we have the valley, landscapes and mountains in North and South with its seasonal waterfalls and snow. Yes it’s actually snow in the north. Bottom line Saudi has a lot to offer for authentic experience seeker that blends with the great hospitality of its people. Our Saudi Arabia tours and Saudi Arabia travel packages includes these impressive experiences.

Saudi Arabia offers a wide range of activities, from touring UNESCO World Heritage sites to exploring the 2,640 kilometers of coastline, and sifting through vast swathes of desert landscapes, such as the appropriately named, Empty Quarter.  Travel for leisure will have amazing stories to recount to your friends and family.

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