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We used to do small private groups for 12 years , during these years we gained the know how to take you to the most interesting places in this earth that most travelers are missing out. Now we are opening this opportunity to everyone to join our inspired trips, we will work hard to deliver the promised 88 secrets ! the 88 Destinations that we aim to offer at any point of time. 88 is the number that we believe will combine all the experiences and destinations that worth going before departing this earth !, in other words we will feed your brain. Best choice for small group adventure travel.





Go !

Why 88 Destinations?

 After more than a decade of organising private small-batch tours, we have well understood the preferences of travelers and gaps in the travel industry. We have mindfully picked the best 88 destinations on the planet and crafted them to perfection to fill those gaps. Each experience is off the beaten path and is unique in its own way. We believe that people should be open to new experiences, and not be pinned with the same selections for their vacations. Best choice for small group adventure travel.

All of our trips are categorised under four types-Adventure, Education, Volunteer and Leisure. Each type has its own features and caters to specific types of travelers. You could be skiing in the icy Alps, volunteering for girl-child education in a remote village in India, learning Tibetan history and culture in West China or relaxing in overwater bungalows in Maldives. Contact today for small group adventure travel booking. 

Each journey is carried in small groups- large enough to keep you engaged and under the radar, and small enough to discover freely without feeling intruded. Your local guide will take you out from the travel guidebooks and will pass the history, culture, and language of the place to you.

The bottom line: We use our years of expertise and experience to design a journey that is perfect for your travel style— one that’s full of excitement and wonder, a journey that is authentic, seamless and beyond your expectations. A better option for small group tour adventure.

What We Do?

88 Destinations or as we call it 88D is a small group tour adventure and discovery travel that connect travelers through out a highly selective & off-the beaten path destinations. Each tour is designed to include a must do highlights , a spontaneous situations , personal freedom and encounter with local people. We can be a good choice for small group tour adventure. Contact today for small group adventure travel information and bookings. 

We design day to day itineraries very carefully to make sure each day has a unique vibe and that moment we are all looking for !

We tend to include as much activities in the package so you don't worry about extras or surprises while insuring that you have " ME TIME" to feel the freedom of your journey. In 88D we keep things simple and clear so you don't worry about anything else other than enjoying. If you need more details about small group tour adventure or small group adventure travel programs don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Travelers - Small Group Adventure Travel

 Our group is small enough to feel like you’re exploring a destination independently, but big enough to create a good social vibe. Group size will vary depending on where and how we’re travelling, but our average group size is about 10. We’ve found that’s a great number to let you connect with the people you meet without feeling like you’re just a face in a crowd. If you need more details about small group tour adventure or small group adventure travel programs don't hesitate to contact us.

Most of our travelers are 20s & 30s aim to unite you with other like-minded adventure seekers from all over the world. You can rest assured that on a Adventures for 20s & 30s tour, you’ll be with a great bunch of people who are near the same age and on the same wavelength as you, all geared up for the experience of a lifetime. Many of our tours are 2 to 3 weeks in length, designed for the young professionals that do not have lots of annual leave to take.

About 65% of our travelers are solo travelers while the remaining are couples or small group of friends. About 60 % of our travelers are females and most who travel with us comes from different parts of the world but the majority comes from Western Europe, Australia, Canada , Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.  If you need more details about small group tour adventure or small group adventure travel programs don't hesitate to contact us.

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